Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I Wore # 5

What a week!!! This one has flown by so fast! Feels like it was just Thursday...... I tried hard to take some decent pictures this week. But in all honesty we stayed home most of the time. Got a little bit of shopping done, and got a few things for Story's room.

Sweater- Mossimo
Jeans- Vanity

Picture quality is pretty bad. It was 7 in the morning, and the sun wasn't up yet. We were getting ready to go to the antique show

Boots- Mossimo

These 2 were the only decent photos for the morning.

After the show we came home to have lunch and nap. Then we decided to go to the mall to go birthday shopping :)

Shirt- Xiliration
Bracelet- Children of the World

New shirt from Target. I really like the sleeves. All of the shirts I have gotten this week have had the flowing sleeves. I'm noticing a trend here. I don't normally like my shirts to be form fitting and this type of shirts lets me feel stylish without being self conscious.

Jeans- Forever 21
Boots- Mossimo

Earrings- Gift

Wore my hair curly again. It will probably be the last time in a while. With any style that I try, after a while I get bored with it and then I think it starts to look bad. My head feels really big and my hair looks poofy. Back to straight it is.

Both of the shirts I was able to get with my birthday money from Grandma Polley :) Got a lot more awesome items as well. More on that later :) :)

Forgot to put this with last weeks post, but Story had a really cute outfit too.

Sweatshirt- Senior year design

This is me, majority of the time. Hair pulled up, sweats on, working all over the house. I'm not sure how a house so small can get so dirty so quickly. Oh yeah, I know how : one kitty, one 3 year old, and one husband. 

Crown, watch, necklace, pajama top, Wonder Pet undies and a hand towel.

Story decided to play dress up Friday morning. This is what she came up with.
I asked her to pose for me. This is what I got.

Love this kid :)

T-shirt- Hand me down?
Blazer- Miley Cyrus

Jeans- Vanity
Shoes- Mossimo

This is a shirt that Jordan gave to me when we first started dating. I think it was his, or maybe it was his Mom's. Not sure. But I ended up with it. And I wear it a lot. It's such a neat shirt.

Sunday was a blur of laundry and grocery shopping. I look really tired and slightly mad. Pretty much sums up the week.

Didn't get any more pictures for the beginning of the week. I've been at work every day, and it's been busy. Very thankful for the week so far. I'm filling in on one of my 2 days off so I don't know how often I will really be getting dressed this week. Maybe it will be a "What I Wore :Work Clothes" edition.  (totally had to Google the spelling on that. And got it wrong about 4 times... : / I need to go to bed :) )

See you next week!!!

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  1. Love checking your new stuff! You funky little chic......:)


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