Friday, November 25, 2011

Fall Storage

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over it's time to pack up all of our fall decorations. I have wanted to do this since the beginning of November but I forced myself to wait (and JP threatened to not put up the tree until December 1st!) But now that the season is over I don't feel so bad packing the stuff up.

We don't have a lot so it's not the greatest post or biggest transformation. Before I moved to N.C. I had just started getting fall decorations. In all the chaos and rush of the move I had to leave it all behind. So, we're starting fresh.

I started with these vinyl rub-ons from Hobby Lobby. I bought these almost 3 years ago, and still have use for them. Probably no deal and I did pay $9.99 for them.

Since I didn't have all of the letters in the big size I had to make it small. Bummer.

Yup, that's it. Inside we have orange and yellow tissue paper, a few ribbons, Halloween shirts for Story and I, pumpkin decorations, and a few pictures.

It's Story dressed up for her first Halloween. She went as a Spider :)

Wow, I'm almost embarrassed to post this...... :) Everyone has a start. Our Christmas bin is bigger, I promise.


  1. Your "stuff" will grow so fast.....esp. when u have more's amazing how fast it happens...esp. when u r a smart and thrifty shopper!

  2. Nifty label! Never thought about using rub-ons.


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