Friday, November 25, 2011

What I Wore # 8

Since I've started with the outfit posts I've become a little sadder. I really like fashion. I love the looks a lot of the ladies in blogland have came up with. I have even seen a lot of petite women who haven't let their size stop them from achieving the looks they desire. I'm not one of those women. There are basic facts to me that keep me from being that.

I'm a mom. Not an excuse, just a fact. Motherhood has changed my body, my wallet, and my priorities.
I'm not built the same as I used to be. The clothes that I have pre- baby don't fit me the same, or as well.
I'm pear shaped. Haven't always been.
I'm not over weight but I am not skinny either. I have wide hips and a bigger mid section. This makes finding clothes that I think fit more difficult.
I'm petite. I'm 4'11" and wear a size 4 shoe. Very rarely will a 5 fit, and a 5 1/2 is a surprise.

I really hate how negative I sound. For the most part I am satisfied with how I look. I used to be a lot better at finding clothes that worked for me. It's just become so discouraging. I need to find a middle ground.

But...... on to the clothes for this week.

sweater- Target. scarf- Walmart. vest- Walmart

jeans- Levi's. boot socks- Target

shirt- Kohls. vest- Walmart. necklaces- gifts.

jeans- Old Navy. boots & boot socks- Target

Happy Thanksgiving
The Pikes

sweater- Old Navy. necklace- Body Central, last year. scarf- Walmart

 jeans- Forever21. boots, socks- Target

My hair is finally starting to lighten up..... a bit...... but it is growing nicely.

That's it for the week. We are decorating our Christmas tree today :)

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  1. Love your boots! And the second last photo looks straight out of a magazine.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. You look great! I think we judge ourselves more harshly than other people judge us.

  2. you r beautiful...and no we can't keep a "little-girls" body forever....and would we want too? u have curves in all the right places....


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