Monday, October 29, 2012

Office Update

We are finally, really, settling in after our move. All Most of our furniture is in place. Which is a huge relief for me. I really don't like having a random table, covered with random junk, in the middle of the floor.

As I mentioned earlier, we were able to make the trek to Ikea. (which turns out, isn't that far!!! Really only a day trip ;) ) I had high hopes, and a pretty good list of things I wanted to leave with. Turns out they were remodeling most of the marketplace level. So, a lot of the things I was looking for weren't there! We also didn't have a big enough car to grab a few of the other things. But, I was able to get a new computer desk! The one I had before was several years old and was part of a three piece corner unit. It was really rickety, too tall, and was glass. Here is a refresher shot. This was taken in our old apartment.

In all honesty, the office area didn't improve much. I did eventually get a new chair. I guess I never really worked on it because I had hopes that we would be getting a different apartment. Which I'm so thankful we did. I held off again, after the move, mainly because I wanted a new desk. 

Jordan put it together for me. He's the best husband ever :) I thought it would be difficult, but it turns out the base already had pre-drilled holes. So, he was able to just line it all up and screw it together. I had originally wanted a colored top, but I'm glad I went with the dark mocha. It matches the bookcases and also the entertainment center. I do think all of these pieces are too dark, but I'm working with what we have. 

Once the desk was in place, I was finally able to hang up the art work I've been saving. It hasn't been hung since we lived in North Carolina. Sorry about the glare on the frames, there really is no good time to get non glare photos of this wall.

The three Van Gogh prints were all thrifted from various locations. The small black frames were from a yard sale last year. ( seen here )

What I like most is that the desk almost looks built in. I do have plans to redo the dresser. It was originally in Story's room and was painted purple. It then moved into our bedroom and I painted it brown. Then it went back into Story's room, never to be finished. I haven't decided on a color yet. 

Overall, I really like how this little area is coming together. I have a few more pieces to hang up, and the transition into the "foyer" area. 


  1. Your office space looks really cute! I love the collage of pictures above your desk.

    Have a "Crazy Beautiful" day!


  2. Looks great. Gotta love Ikea. :D Thanks for sharing on beColorful.

  3. Your new desk looks great!! Nice job working with what you have. I can't wait to visit an IKEA - I've never been to one. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime.


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