Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Complete House To-Do List

Here we have to complete list of things that need to get accomplished before the baby is born. We have 84 (probably less) days left to get it all done. I think we can handle it :) But I'm trying to stay positive. You can read about why the list is so big here.

Full Bath
Fill in scratch marks (from Annie)
Paint room light gray
Hang towel hooks/ring
Replace middle part of the toilet paper holder (from Annie)
Re-organize drawers and under sink
Make room for baby items
Buy/build cart

Half Bath
Deep clean - including walls
Hang full mirror on door
Hang more art
Touch up paint (from Annie and Kitten) ((you can read for about that here))
Hang towel hook
Add new rug

Hang gallery wall

Upstairs Landing
Hang art
Touch up paint on doors (from all animals)
Add more storage? Still not sure how or what

Linen Closet
Organize shelves
Make room for baby items

Entry/Dog crate area
Replace dresser? Possibly
Organize dresser
Organize coat rack
Fill in art
Add shelf above crate
Create "pet" area

Living Room
Touch up painted wall (don't ask...)
Hang curtains
Add art

Add long shelves over table
Hang art over coffee bar
Style shelves
Fix pantry door
Deep clean everything
Hang curtains over sliding door
Organize cabiets
Make room for baby items

Laundry Area
Add shelf over washer/dryer
Organize cabinet
Hang ironing board

Master Bedroom
Hang curtains
Move bed
Buy/build dresser
Organize dresser
Organize closet
Move bookcases
Hang art
Remove shelf/vanity
Repaint small dresser
Add mirror

Repaint dresser
Organize dresser
Add art/shelves above changing table
Buy/build crib
Add mobile
Create under crib storage
Add art
Hang curtains for canopy

Story's Room
Move bed
Rearrange storage units
Purge, purge, purge
Organize clothes closet
Organize toy closet
Hang curtains
Hang gallery wall
Add rainbow stripes?
Update lighting

This is all I have thought of so far. I've gotten a lot done in the master bedroom/nursery. It's been my main focus after we put the house back together. I feel like I'll be able to almost finish the room after the shower. Which is in just a few short weeks. Eeek.... Don't even get me started on that. So many projects to do and not enough time (or warm enough weather) But back to the house list... Once the nursery is completed I plan on focusing most of my attention to Story's room. She needs the added attention. We talk a lot about baby and getting the baby's room ready. I think she's feeling a fit neglected. The other rooms should be fairly easy. There are just a handful of small projects that I think Jordan and I could accomplish together in a weekend. You know, the whole weekend we get to spend together. Not.

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