Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Townhouse Living Room

We've lived in the Townhouse for about nine months. Yep, we moved in about a month before we found out we were expecting. In that time we've gone through many different catastrophic events (you can read more about those here and here. And believe it or not, 2 other events that I haven't blogged about) Needless to say, I haven't really had a chance to make much progress anywhere other than the foyer, nursery and half bath.

In that nine months the living room has gone through 3 different layouts and a few different pieces of furniture. With life being completely turned upside down majority of that time, I didn't get any photos. So, lets just say these are mostly before photos then. K, thanks :)

 This is the view when you first walk in the door. We've updated our couch, added baby stuff, and even got a new TV! Exciting things for us.

Because the foyer is attached to the living room, it got a small update as well. The biggest thing was removing the big dresser next to the door and adding room for Annie's crate. Which I hate so much. It smells like dog and is an eyesore. But I would much rather have it than have her running around.

 Obviously there is a lot left to do. I mean, there is practically no art anywhere. We have a huge space that needs to be filled with something.

Hang gallery wall

Entry/Dog crate area
Replace dresser? Possibly
Organize dresser
Organize coat rack
Fill in art
Add shelf above crate
Create "pet" area
Living Room
Touch up painted wall (don't ask...)
Hang curtains
Add art
Build swing
Build/Buy pack & play
Update TV stand
Deep clean carpets 

It's a pretty good start. Aside from the pack & play, I feel pretty good with this space being "done" enough for when the baby gets here. I mean, she won't care if there aren't any photos above the TV :)

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