Sunday, September 18, 2016

Girl Scout Meeting #1

A new school year means the start of girl scouts! I kind of fell off the grid last year with these posts. I had a good excuse though! Oliver was a newborn and fall product sale was in full swing. I really hope to keep up with it this year!

We're doing things a little bit different this year. Majority of our troop bridged to brownies!! This year we added in kindergarten and first grade daisies along with fourth grade juniors. Our troop went from twelve to twenty-three! Whew! It's going to be a fun year. Stressful, but fun.

Meeting #1 - Intro
For this meeting we kept all levels together. Most of the meetings will be separated by level. We've got a lot of really wonderful parent volunteers who are willing to help out with all levels. We have a couple girls coming from other schools so I added in an extra half hour at the beginning of the meeting to allow them time to arrive. We fill this time with snack and dance party! I made a CD with age appropriate, girl empowering songs. We meet on Fridays right after school. This gives the girls a chance to burn off some energy and mingle.

Brownie Ring

The girls introduced themselves and said something that made them special. They then paired off and we learned how to do the girl scout handshake.
Photo Time
Each year I take a photo of each girl at the beginning of the year. At the end of the year I give them all personalized photo albums. We're trying to be better this year at taking photos. 
Kaper Chart Activity
Each girl was given a clothes pin to decorate. We will use it for our Kapers. Haven't gotten that off the ground yet, but I'm trying!
Friendship Circle
Ideally I'd like to end each meeting with a friendship circle. We just had our second meeting and haven't done it yet. 

This meeting was followed by a brief parent meeting. We changed a lot of the structure of the group and I needed to fill parents in on what was different and what to expect. 

I'm really excited for this year! It has the potential to be great! 


  1. I love the picture idea! I may borrow it if you don't mind. They change so much from September to June

    1. Hey Kathryn! Go right ahead! I take a photo at the beginning of the year and then at the end! It's amazing how much they change. I gave them photo albums last year at bridging and they loved that!


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