Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Girl Scout Meeting #4

We split apart by levels again at this meeting. I like having the daisies separate because the curriculum is very different. I know you can combine it with the older levels, but there's something special about the petals and the flower friends. I keep the brownies and juniors together. We only have two juniors and so far they've only both been at one meeting at the same time. One junior is completely new to scouts, so it's good for her to follow along with the brownies. 

Snack/Dance Party

We  then split into levels


Honest and Fair

Read Lupe's story
Lupe the Lupine is the first of the flower friends. We will read each story based on the petals. The leader then goes through the talking prompts with the girls

Pick Three Games
The girls were asked to pick three games. They were to take turns and be fair. They chose, "duck, duck, goose", "red light, green light", and "Simon says". 

Candy Game
The girls were asked to empty a bag of candy and divide it evenly among  themselves.  They were  then allowed to eat it.

Coloring Book
The daisies ended their meeting by coloring the Lupe page!


Brownie Ring
The girls were to complete the Family Star activity for homework. We went around the circle and talked about what was special about each family member. 

Brownie Quest - Agent of Change
Page 52 and 33
I asked Story why the girls didn't work in the book. I know they do book work at school so I couldn't figure out what was different. She said the teacher goes through it with them, she doesn't just tell them to turn to a page and complete it. I tried that and it worked great! We went through the questions with them and they really enjoyed it.

Team Building - Loop the Hoop
This was a really fun activity. The girls divided into two circles. They were to pass a hula hoop from girl to girl without letting go of each other's hands. They thought this was awesome! 

Blindfold Game
The girls broke into three groups of four. They took turns being blindfolded and had their team lead them without touching.

We decided to send more of the book work home and focus on the activities at the meetings. The brownies were told to complete page 54, talk about Cambell's house and page 55, Healthy Living Activity. The juniors were told to complete pages 34-35 and also 45-63. The juniors have a lot more book work, but that just seems to go with the grade level. They seem to like it, so that's good!

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