Monday, January 30, 2012

K is for Knit : Region and Era

skirt, necklace- thrifted. shirt, boots, socks, Target. bracelet- World Market

earrings- made by me.

I tried combining the challenges again. The knit part is summed up in my socks. They are extremely comfortable, but very warm.  The outfit is both era and region. Northern California is known for it's laid back, hippy-ish attitude. This outfit resembles that feeling, for me. It also reminds me of the '60's. I didn't want to go all flower child, but I feel this is a nice mix.

jeans- Levi's. scarf- gift.

I changed to be more practical. But it's also a fun way to style the same idea. Less hippy and more knit-ty.

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  1. great striped scarf. It looks great on you.


  2. Love the boots with the socks! I think that is one of my favorite trends of the year.


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