Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So Blue

We took the plunge today.... That's right! We started painting the kitchen cabinets! Luckily for us our cabinets have already been painted. So we didn't have to go through a huge process of sanding and priming everything. So far it's only taken two coats for full coverage.

Here is a before shot

Sorry about the crappy pictures. It was at night and we have terrible lighting. Maybe another thing to add to the to do list... I'll think on that later...

Back to painting. I started by only removing one of the doors. I didn't want to go head first into the project, in case I didn't like the color.

Turns out, I do! It's Behr Vintage Classic in Caribe. We found it at Home Depot. This paint color is actually a funny thing. Story and I went and picked out paint, forever ago now. I was looking at a few different blues and so was she. This is a color that she picked out to play with. At first I wasn't too fond of it. But the longer it was taped up, the more it grew on me :)

After two coats. I think the color is nice and even. I doubt I will go back over it. I didn't feel like breaking out the brush, so none of the detail work has been done. Jordan and I both have the same day off this week, so we hope to get most everything done then! Can't wait.

Every time I walk into the kitchen now I get giddy! I think it's going to really pull the colors together, and almost combine the kitchen and the living room. Both of which are painted blue.

Stay tuned! Later this week I will post of more progress!

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