Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Now that the holidays are officially over I can take a step back and breathe. What a whirlwind 6 weeks it has been. I'm really looking forward to getting back into routine. First thing I had to do was find a place for all of the awesome new stuff we received. I swear, we have the best family in the history of the world. They are amazingly, wonderful people. :) To get everything in its new place I first had to take down the holiday decor. We don't have much, but it takes a lot longer to tear it all down that it does to set it all up. With all the added space I had a better idea about where it would all end up.

Keep in mind though that a lot of the things we asked for, and then placed in the house, are meant for the bigger picture. Meaning I have an awesome idea for all of it but none of that will happen until we move. Oh yeah! We are house hunting!! Jordan has been hired on full time! With two incomes we are able to afford a nicer, and bigger, house. It's probably still several months off, maybe by the summer, but I don't plan on doing anything major with the house we are in now. I still have things I would like to do here though, so don't think nothing is going to get done :)

Back on track here....... I focused mainly on the living room. We added lots of new goodies and crossed a few things off the to-do list.

First up, Jordan hung up the last curtain rod for me! I was able to hang the panels. Now the room feels more finished. I had a slight disaster with our old lampshade. And that is why there is still wrapping on the light on the left hand side. We bought the blue lamp at Ikea on clearance a while back. I bought the Jara lampshade, and it doesn't fit....

I also got the pillow inserts for the two new pillows shown. Don't mind the fruit and veggies :) We kind of like them.

This little guy is Braquin. Nina named him Brocklin and Story adapted it.  He's very cuddly and makes me smile when I see him on the couch.

I also updated this small wall. The new vase is actually made out of newspaper.

Sorry it's so blurry... :( And the shelf got a small update.

I really like these guys. Can't wait to put them on a bookcase. They will look great.  Right now they are slightly hidden behind the couch. I like that they are between our albums. I need to build the space up a little bit. Maybe with some colorful books.

Off to the other side of the room not a whole lot of progress has been made, yet. Like my hands? :) Can't wait to put them on some awesome shelves, or table.

To finish off, I have a box full of frames. The gallery wall is almost complete. With a few of those massive ones it's going to add so much personality to the space above the T.V.

So, it's progress :)

Hang curtain rods on 2 remaining windows * Hang one curtain rod
* Purchase 2 more panels for small window
Hang panels for all windows * Hang panels for small window
* Fill rest of frames
* Pick out frames for the rest of the gallery wall
* Hang new frames
* Stuff new pillows already purchased
Pick out and buy 3 new pillows * Pick out and buy 2 new pillows
* Find navy blue throw blanket
* Fix space behind couch
* Paint lamp shade in a chevron print  * Find shade that fits
* Hang panels in JP area?
* Hang shelf
* Add floor pillows for Story
* Small table for beside door
* Add bamboo shade

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  1. Wow - all the new stuff looks great! You have done a great job . . . . as always!


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