Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Home Goals (Living Room)

So.... I lied..... We decided not to move after all. After looking at houses and apartments for about a month we decided on a few crucial things. 1) We don't want to live in North Carolina forever, or for less than a few years realistically. I know our family here is probably crying while reading, but this just isn't the place for us. We love having family nearby, we really like the area, and we both have good jobs. But it doesn't fit us. 2) This isn't the best place for Jordan's career to really take off. We need to be somewhere near the music. 3) We don't want to waste all of the money it would take to move somewhere around here, to then turn around and move again in a year or so. It makes more sense to stay where we are, tough it out, and save up for our real move.

Nah, we don't know where we want to go yet. We've talked about Florida, Portland, back to Indiana, and even Texas. We're all over the place. It will be very exciting when we seriously start considering it.

Having said that : There is so much that needs to be done in our house! I have a lot of ideas! I've been thinking a lot of the big, and little, projects I would like to take on.

Living Room

The living room is the area I've worked on the most. It is the most used room (of course) and has to have several different functions.

I really like all of the progress I've made in the space.

Today we took another trip to Ikea and found the items needed to update our entertainment center. I can't wait for JP to put it together! We'll be able to get rid of all the mis-matched furniture. And have a few shelves to add some pretty things. We will probably have to box up some of the DVD's, but we don't watch very many of them anyway.

I'm not sure how it will effect the gallery wall.

 We purchased the Laiva  system.

It's going to be so awesome. We have 2 of these, the attaching shelf, and the TV stand. We plan on mounting the TV. Our only concern is the TV fitting between them. We can always not use the attaching shelf.... We'll have to see how it turns out. Other than that I still have the list I've made, and then updated ( 1,  23 ) 

I've also been thinking about painting the interior door. I know that's a bit random, just on my mind. What color do you think would work in our space?

I have several more posts lined up for the rest of the house. Big plans for the kitchen, involving a lot of color, and a lot of coffee..... :) :)

Stay tuned!

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  1. Love what you are doing with your home and can't wait to see the new entertainment center in place. No matter where you guys end up we all want you to flourish and thrive with your dreams and goals. Glad you have them!


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