Friday, March 8, 2013

Project Nook {Part 2}

This post is a long time coming. I've actually had the room (in this finished state) for about two weeks now. Of course by now it's covered in cat hair and I'm kicking the cat out every five minutes or so.

The nook is not finished, but all of the big pieces are in place. There are a handful of other small projects I need to complete. I'll have a full to-do list at the end of the post. So, without further adieu, here is the Library Nook in the Master Bedroom.

The bookcases line the only long wall. They are from Target. I originally bought two because I was unsure how it would look. Those two happened to be on sale for $25. When I went back for the third I had to pay full price at $32. I'm glad I waited because they are bigger that I thought. I don't know why but I assumed they would be the same size as the bookcases we have in the living room. I know they are practically empty right now. I'm working on it! I don't just want to fill it with filler books. I'm buying ones that I actually want to read or display.

The curtains are from Ikea and are Vivan in beige.  I wanted something simple that would look good from both sides of the room. The master bedroom part is colored slightly different. So for they are working out perfectly.

I parted the curtains from the master bedroom side here. The nook is about 4x6. I had an extremely hard time with the angles. 

The print is a new Goodwill find. Pretty sure it was $4.99. If you look carefully you can see the curve and shade of our Regolit floor lamp. I had originally wanted this lamp the first time we went to Ikea with my Mother in Law. I didn't get it then because I didn't know where I would put it. When we went back the second time I had a plan. Of course that plan went away. I'm glad the lamp worked out either way.

There is one actual opening. Right now the curtains are just pulled apart. As you can tell it's between the door to the hall and the half bath.

If you look closely towards the left you can make out the closet doors and the dresser in the master bedroom. I like that the curtains are light enough you can see through without being sheer.

This nook also has my second attempt at an abstract painting.

Like I mentioned earlier, all of the big pieces are in place. I just need to do the pretty, filler stuff.

Build last bookcase
Hang small curtain rod for window
Pick out panel for window (possibly Navy/Gold)
Add shelves (not using)
Find books to fill bookcases - A LOT-
Rug for space
new end table
art for above cases
new lamp

So, really not a whole lot more over here. I need to bring in more navy, but I think the curtains will help a lot with that. I had a set in mind that I thought I had seen at Target. When I went back to get them they weren't there. Not that they were on sale and gone, or that they were just sold out. I mean, there wasn't even a spot for them. Maybe I dreamt them or something. But I have a curtain in mind, if I can find it. Next up is hanging the curtain rod. Shouldn't be a big deal right? :)

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  1. What a cozy space! I love the idea of a sanctuary like this tucked away in your master bedroom. Your chair and footrest look comfortable enough to take a nice nap on :) The curtains you added to define the space add to the cozy factor. I think your arrangement is perfect for the space. You wrote that you want to introduce more navy into the room. I noticed the folds in the bookshelf backing -- yes, the dreaded "seams" showing in the backerboard, LOL! Perhaps you could introduce some color/pattern and hide the "seams" by putting up some decorative paper on the inside backs of your cases. Blue and cream chevron pattern maybe, or a navy marble-swirl look? Remove it when you get tired of it. It doesn't have to be glued on, I would use tacks or two-sided tape. Good luck with your hunt for your navy curtains!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I've always wanted to cover the back of the bookcases. We have three in our living room that need the same treatment. The curtains are harder to find than expected. I had my heart set on a Nate Berkus design that disappeared out from under me at Target... Back to the hunt :)

  2. It's looking wonderful. I can't believe you found those bookcases for so cheap. They look much more expensive than that. :) Thanks for sharing on The DIY'ers.

    1. The bookcases are great! We have a few that were more expensive and smaller. So really have to have found these. Target is the best!

  3. Everybody needs a cozy nook for reading...yours looks very comfortable. I think the bookcases were a steal and are looking great! Thanks for sharing at the Rock N Share.

  4. You are doind a great job on your nook.....very classy....just joined your sight, would love to have you visit me at
    Have a stylish day, NeeCee

  5. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. You have a super cute blog, I can't wait to read more. You can find me at


    1. Thanks so much! Your blog is the cutest! Love all of your photos! Can't wait to read a few of those book reviews :)


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