Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Story's Fifth Birthday!

We have had an action packed week! It started with Story's fifth birthday, then on to her first ballet recital and ended with a Rainbow Birthday celebration! I also had time to take updated photos of our house. There are a lot of new things to show you! But, let's start with Story's birthday.

I can't believe it. I really can't. My baby, is five.... She's enrolled in Kindergarten. She can swim. She can climb trees. She can write. She's a big kid now...... :) For her birthday Story wanted to go swimming and out for pizza.

We started the day off with rainbow pancakes and chocolate milk. Two things she requested.

The camera I used tends to make moving photos really blurry. I don't know why that was the one I grabbed. But, she really was super happy.

That afternoon her grandma came over. We opened presents then headed out to eat.

For her birthday she got "Sophia The First", "Polly Porcupine" memory game, and a beautiful new dress.

After lunch we headed to the pool. Story was really excited to show Gramma her swimming skills.

 swimming photos c/o Nancy Pike.

Overall it was a really great birthday :) Story got to do almost everything she wanted and got to spend a lot of time with family :)


  1. Happy birthday Story! And look at that girl's hair! Whoa.

  2. Seems that story had loads of fun on her special day.


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