Saturday, September 13, 2014

I Got A Haircut. {The Evolution Of Hair Pt.3}

Yeah, I got a hair cut. No big deal right? WRONG! :) I went all out and got a pixie! Let me back up for a minute....

Last time I did a hair update I was going blonde. Here is a refresher :

You can read more about my hair journey here and here

The blonde lasted about a month. I just couldn't get rid of the orange undertones no matter what I did. I decided this was the time to try ombre. It was a lot of fun, but did take a few tries to get it right

And there it stayed. I just let it continue to grow, didn't mess with it. 

I got pregnant with Finley and thought about cutting it all off again. I was tired of the ombre and knew the blonde had fried the ends. So I took about 10 inches off and colored it back to brown.

And then it grew, and grew, and grew. I had Finley. Before I knew it, I was pulling it up all.the.time. It was exhausting, and not very much fun to deal with.

You see, I had wanted short hair for the longest time. A "mom cut" as Jordan would call it. He convinced me to not only cut it off, but to get a pixie. So I did.

I cut all of my hair off. I instantly regretted it, and may have cried on the way home. What had I done!? I eventually got over it, kind of. So this is where I'm at. I'm growing my hair out. I don't have high hopes, and I'm not sure what I'm trying to get to. I guess a bob. That's the next stage in the growing out process. That, and the torture of the bowl cut that's bound to happen in-between.

I plan on doing like a monthly progress report. Idk, hair and vanity are weird.

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