Sunday, September 14, 2014

Growing Out Pixie : The First Month

I recently cut all of my hair off. And when I say recently, I mean 12 weeks ago. I'm documenting the progress and process. It's been a difficult journey so far, and it's hardly over. You can check out my other hair journeys here, here, and here.

I didn't get a super short pixie. It did have an under cut and the back hugged tightly. My hair is very thick and semi-coarse. It has a bit of wave and a lot of body.

I'm kicking myself for not getting a photo without the headband. But you get the general idea. You can see all of the layers and how it wraps around the headband. It was also left with a pretty long point in the back. 

If I'm not careful it starts looking like Bob Vista. 

I didn't do anything to it the first month, just let it grow. I'll be posting month two shortly so you can see the progress.

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