Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sneak Peek At The Room

Hey :) My kid is back. It's been awesome spending time with her. And JP of course, I missed him too.

Before they got home I was able to finish a couple of my projects. Like this one!

Our wall is blue! It's so pretty :)

My paint

Everything I needed. It ended up taking me longer than I wanted. I didn't get enough paint the first time. But, it's finished :)

I also finished the revamp of the mellow yellow sofa table. Didn't know I was doing that did ya? :)

I really like this color a lot better. It's softer and matches better. There is way to much stuff on it, but that's because all of the pictures are going on our new gallery wall.

So, I'm not entirely sure what will go on it.

And we are planning out a new layout for the living room. We are going to make a hallway that holds the gallery wall. Then we are dividing up the room into 2 equal spaces. We plan on hanging curtains to block of "JP". I'm super excited about the gallery wall. I've been spending way to much time at Young House Love. I love their gallery wall and can't wait to do it our way!

So, my family is back. I'm totally happy about it. And I'm working on the kitchen next :)


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