Monday, October 17, 2011

What I Wore #2

Back with week 2!

We didn't really do a whole lot this week. Pretty boring. I worked a 5 shift week, not too much, and the rest of the time we spent at home.

Shirt- The Limited
Pants- Old Navy

This is a pretty typical week day work outfit. We wear color if we want. I don't tend to because you never know what could end up on your shirt. But on days when I don't think it will be really busy I'll throw on a color.

I really like this shirt. It's long and baggy but still has nice details and is fitted where I like it to be. The arms are slightly too tight for a work shirt.

Earrings- gift
Nose Ring- Staircase Tattoo 

The earrings were given to me by my step-mom. You can't see the details very well but they are two toned and have Chinese symbols on them. Don't mind my bare face. Some days I just don't feel like putting my make-up.

Shirt- Old Navy
Jeans- Forever 21

Thursday was a night off for me. We spent it relaxing and having a nice family meal. I had to run to the grocery in the middle.

Earrings- Local Flea Market
Necklace- Estate sale
Bracelet- Kohls

I don't wear gold very often. I feel like silver compliments my skin tone better. Must have felt sunnier this week or something.

This shirt is one of my favorites. It has become a wear once a week staple in my wardrobe. I purchased it on our honeymoon last year in Florida. I really like the high neck and the stripes. Navy blue is a good color for me.

It's a little baggy but when I feel like dressing it up a bit it looks really nice with a wide belt or fitted blazer.

Boots- Target

I LOVE these boots. I would wear them everyday. They are so comfortable! I really wish I had a pair in black. I wear black, a lot. But since they are brown it's forcing me to embrace color. I got them on clearance at Target last year. They are not holding up very well, but what can you expect from kids shoes.

Yes, I wear kids shoes. You probably don't know this, but I am 4'11 and wear a kids size 2. That's an adult 4 and since those are sooooo rare I will sometimes find a pair of 5's that will fit. For the most part I am forced to wear kids shoes. Story and I are 6 sizes apart. She is 3, I am an adult. 

Also, I am an idiot and forgot to take a picture of my face. I actually had on make-up Thursday. Red lipstick and all. Maybe next time I will get a picture.

Shirt- Kmart

Friday for work I decided to let my hair do it's natural thing. with a little help from some Suave Mousse. 

Shirt- Target
Jeans- Vanity
Socks- OP

We had an interview at a local day care. This will be Story's first time in day care. Pretty exciting stuff. 

This is by far my favorite shirt. I wear it every other day. No joke. I have it on in almost every picture of me on this blog. These jeans are pretty great too. They are a little big in the waist now. 

I really like my socks too :)

Close up on the shirt. Heaven on Earth here. GLORY SHIRT.

Typical make up for me. Eyeliner, mascara, little powder to cover up the circles under my eyes. 

Basics for last week. Nothing too creative. This week we hope to visit a local pumpkin patch. And I'm going to start adding Story's cute outfits. Things to look forward to!!!

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  1. I love your hair on Friday! Great volume!!!

  2. You are gorgeous and I love seeing the things you are putting together! Thanks for sharing!


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