Monday, October 3, 2011

Small Kitchen Improvement

After we installed the new shelves I knew I wanted to start working on the kitchen again. The gallery wall had me side tracked but it is finished, except for hanging. So, I guess it's not really finished, just done for now. But the kitchen. I have REALLY not liked the kitchen since the first time I saw the house. I knew then that it would always be a pain. I was totally right.

The kitchen has gone through a few changed in the year that we have lived here. (has it really only been a year?!?!)

Here is what we started with.

This wall is what I'm posting about.

My original plan was to put our too small dinette table there. We kept it like this for about 8 months. It was rarely used and a waste of space.

When we re-arranged the living room we decided to move the dinette into a weird unused space. We used it once in the 2 months or so that it was there. It ended up just being covered in junk. I had plans for the space in the kitchen though.

After a trip to Ikea with the family back in May we were gifted with this beautiful cart. It is the perfect size. Because we only have 2 counter tops it gives us much needed work space.

Yeah, that's it. And the cabinets are gross. Insulation keeps falling out into the drawers. Yuck.... It was nice to be able to stop using them.

We got caught up in hanging up our shelves so the kitchen progress was slowed. Once they were hung though I've wanted to tackle the rest of the problem areas.

So that's what I did today. I took everything out and put it all back in places that would make sense. The bottom cabinets hold big items that we hardly ever use. The upper cabinets have our basic dinner sets and other kitchen gadgets. But the cart was not being used to it's upmost potential.

These are all items we use almost every day. They are now all visible and within reach. Without having to brave the bottom cabinet.

Here is our pretty much finished wall. There are still a few more tweaks I would like to make, decor wise. But for the most part this space is functional and attractive. I really like how it has turned out.

Now I only have one more spot to fix in the kitchen. The family command center..... :)

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