Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kitchen Update

Hey there! We've had a pretty good week over here. It's rained a lot, but I'm okay with that. My plants needed it.

JP and I tackled a couple small projects we had been wanting to take care of.  A few weeks ago Story and I took a trip to Ikea. We were able to pick up a lot of neat things for our house. One of those things would be the shelves for the kitchen wall.

I had asked JP a million times to hang them up for me. He stalled because I stalled on where to put them and how many shelves to put there. But we FINALLY figured out where to put them! JP did a great job. The shelves do not come with the brackets attached, so JP had to do that all by himself. He got it all done. And was even able to hang up a wine rack after the shelf was put up. (I forgot I had it....) I don't have any progress pictures. Didn't want to mess up his flow.

Here is the finished wall!

We love it. Every time I walk into the kitchen it makes me smile. I had been trying to collect things that I thought would look good up there. I haven't gotten very far though. I have plans for it :)

So, it will look better in the future.

While JP was working on the shelves I decided to hang up a few paintings. They are on the wall opposite the gallery wall and TV. We had originally planned on hanging up a curtain wall to create a separate area for Jordan to have his studio. We still might. We picked up the kit to hang the curtains. We'll see. But in the mean time I put up these paintings.

All three are Van Gogh. These are a few of my favorites of his. On the gallery wall I have three more. I really like the colors in all of them. And it has partially been the inspiration for the room colors. I wish you could see it better, but on the table is a great yellow vase that Dad and Diana gave us for our anniversary. I love it! It's so neat and unusual. I don't have any flowers to put in it yet, but I'm working on it :) We also have the branches. They were our centerpieces at the wedding. I would cover the house in them if I could.

Full view of the wall. There is just a little bit of space on either side of the windows. Not enough to really do anything. I know the curtains don't match. It's a work in progress. I'm also going to get different pillows. The ones we have now match the couch, and let me tell you, it's too many stripes. Makes me dizzy every time I look over there.

All of the rooms are still un-finished, but we have made progress. I am probably done with the kitchen for now. The only things left to do are decorating, and I can't don't want to rush it.

I printed off a few more pictures to put in the empty gallery wall frames. The wall is starting to become over whelming. I still need about 40, that's right, 40, more frames to finish the wall. And then I have to fill them all. I have about 3,000 pictures so I'm not worried about finding family photos to fill some. But I want there to be more. I have ideas, so we'll see how it all turns out. Maybe if I hang what I've got it will motivate me to start on another section.

So, this is what we have been up to here this week :)

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