Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gallery Wall Pt: 2

I had a day off today. So naturally we went to Ikea. It was amazing! Gah, I love that place. I would live there. I see all the little houses they have made in the showroom and I get totally jealous. They make 350 feet look incredible. We have around 800 feet of crap! :) Not really (yes) So much inspiration!


I got dressed up to go. Of course I did. I spend 99% of my time in either work clothes or PJ-ish items. I hardly EVER get to put on something cute. So when I get the chance, I take it!

JP thinks I'm nuts. He had to talk me out of wearing high heeled boots. They would have looked great, but I would have been in tears by the time we made it back to the car. By the way, it was 88 here. I sweat the entire time. Totally worth it though.

Story wanted to get dressed up too. But she gets to wear cute stuff all the time. And will change her clothes 5 times a day.

This is what she came up with, finally. :)

It's a Moroccan dress that is too short. So she picked out black skinny jean tights. You can't tell in the picture but she has on black striped socks and pink Twinkle Toes shoes. Oh, and the Dora shades.
Diva for sure

We had a relatively nice trip. A few close call melt-downs. But fun times too.

It's just Iron Man Girl Story. No big :) :)

But........ The whole point of the trip was to get a few more frames for the gallery wall. Which we got, and some other neat stuff. 

It's a decent start. Majority of the frames are filled with stuff. 

This is how it will look on the wall.

Said wall

Like I said, majority are filled. I have ideas for the others. And plan on getting more frames. The wall will only be about 50% filled with these. The blue frames are going into Story's room and will be replaced with black frames. I just couldn't resist. 

I know a lot of the gallery walls out there are being done in white. But when I started buying frames for our wedding pictures I got black ones. I had already purchased 6 frames and didn't want to have to start from scratch. So our gallery wall will be in black. 

I can't wait to start hanging! But I will wait until I have all of the necessary supplies. (Like nails)

Until then I will hang up our curtain rods, along with the new panels we picked up today. I also hope to FINALLY hang the shelves up in the kitchen. (still waiting on the right screws)

It's progress! Very satisfied with how it's all coming together. Even if we don't live in a Ikea home :)


  1. I like the black frames. My eye is drawn to the conrast of the black on the blue. Can't wait to see it on the wall.

  2. I like the black frames too. Easier to match :)


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