Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Done, And We're In LOVE

That's right. We finished it.


Drum Roll please.............

Ta-Da!!! Isn't she a beaut? We are very proud of this wall.

It took us what seems like forever to get this far. After having the layout finished for so long ( hereherehere ) There are still several frames that need to be filled. I also need to rearrange some of the prints. You can't really see the ones at the very top that well. They will probably become filler prints. And there are a ton of wedding pictures. I will space those out better on the other part of the wall.

Yeah, we're going all the way across

We want to fill the entire wall. It's going to take a lot of time, and a lot of saving, but we can do it. I really like how the wall has turned out so far.

Close up here. Besides the empty frame we have a ripped out page from a book of poetry, a wedding shot, family photo from almost 2 years ago, Starry Starry Night, part of those adorable baby feet, and 2 awesome little things hanging from the wall. The shell "P" we picked up on our honeymoon in Orlando Florida. The Chinese symbol was a wedding present from Jordan's cousin's family.

Overall I think it looks really awesome :) Any suggestions of what we should frame?

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  1. It is awesome Girl!!! Great job!!!

  2. hi there,

    i'm not sure how i managed to stumble across your blog, but this wall is beautiful and required a comment! i'm in the process of brainstorming for my own gallery walls and this is so inspiring. thank you so much. i look forward to following your blog and seeing the rest of your rooms :)

    i have a mini gallery that you can check out on my site if you want. it's in my daughter's room and it's...nowhere near as extensive as yours, lol. but it's a start.

    i love how you incorporated items that weren't necessarily actual photographs. very cool and personal.

  3. Great gallery wall. Funny I am getting ready to put up a post about gallery walls. Thanks for joining Wow and it is Savvy Southern Style.

  4. okay faith, riddle me this! you came and posted a comment on one of my posts - i can't 'reply'. all i can do is post my own separate comment and direct it at you. is that normal or is my blog totally screwy? email me if you want

    i'm still blown away by this gallery wall!


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