Wednesday, February 1, 2012

M is for Monochromatic : Coat

turtle neck- Walmart. pants- Aeropostle. shoes- Payless

jacket- gift. belt- Forever 21. flower pin, sweater- Target

We haven't had the need for coats, or even jackets here. We can get away with a sweater and maybe a scarf. It's been great. I don't know about you, but every outerwear I have ever owned has had crappy buttons. Every single one. All of the buttons fall off. On every piece. Very frustrating. 

And sorry for the dark, over exposed photos. Terrible lighting inside. I would go out and take them, but in all honesty, I'm scared to do it out there. Not like afraid for my life. We don't live in a dangerous area or anything. But we are surrounded by teenage boys. They are all over. And they are ALWAYS outside. So, I don't want to go out around them, with my camera, taking pictures of myself. It's weird. For now, the pictures will be inside. 


  1. oh I love how you added a belt instead of the usual sash type belt that comes with trench coats. that is such a cute idea. and i feel your pain on taking's so hard not to feel like a total dork ha!

  2. I love this! So cute and casual and comfy looking. I think I have those same pants too!

  3. wonderful monochromatic outfit! I love the striped shirt.


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