Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Week In Photos


Started painting the upper cabinets. And yes, this is all I accomplished all week... The bottom doors still do not have hinges.

Took Story to playschool before work. I had just enough time to stop and grab a grande Mocha Frappucino. So good.

Story  fell and split her lip. It bled for all of 15 seconds. But she milked that boo boo for all it was worth. She made me get a wet washcloth so she could hold it there. 

After the pain subsided she was able to help me with some laundry. I just couldn't resist taking a picture of those legs and sweet baby toes....

We had a pretty mild day, on Thursday I think. Story and I did a little shopping. Before we left she had to roll down the hill a few times. She's still learning.

She found a stick and wanted it out the window. 

Target's new Signature White Collection. I am in love. And I'll take 4 of everything. 

Got my bangs cut. I also had the color stripped from my hair. I will go back soon and do it again. then go back again and color it. I just want my hair to be lighter. Unfortunately it has already darkened a bit in the few times I have washed it...

(sneak peek at WIW)

See, it's already darker.... Really bummed.

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