Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Q is for Quick

Nothing too exciting going on, home or clothes wise. We are making slow progress on the cabinets. Who knew painting could take that long?! I thought it would be over and done in the span of a weekend. So wrong.... Glad today's prompt was quick. I have a few errand to run, and I really didn't want to come up with a complicated outfit.

long sleeve- American Eagle via Marshalls. tank, boots, leggings- Target.  skirt- Thrifted.

Don't mind the bored face and husband photo bomb. I was focusing on the huge holes on the wall from where we had the Kinect mounted. 

I have no idea how to pose for these. I'm not sure what to do with my hands ( Talladega Nights ) or my face? 

Smiling seems so weird. But I bet it's better than staring off blankly. I'll have to work on this stuff. 

Anyway, off to do important things.


  1. awesome outfit, cute husband and beautiful smile!

  2. I wonder why I love the boots so much.......All I can say is you have great taste! xo Nina

  3. Even if it was a quick outfit, I think it looks great and super comfy.

  4. Love this monochromatic look! SO CUTE!


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