Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Girl Scout Meeting #10

Meeting ten was a fun one because we got to celebrate Juliette Gordon Low's birthday! We have about thirteen new girls so majority of them had never heard of her. I haven't really taken much time with her history. We've always had so many girls and they're still pretty young. Maybe next year we'll get more into it. 

GS Way Legacy badge

Step 1 - Sing Everywhere
We all got in a circle and did the Hokey Pokey! That dance is so tiring! All the girls were short of breath, and so was I. I talked to the girls about how singing songs is a girl scout tradition and asked them to think of other times we've sang together. The most memorable was our camp last year with older scouts.

Step 2 - Celebrate JGL's Birthday
Each year the girls are given a cupcake with a candle. We sing happy birthday and blow out candles. 

Step 3 - Share Sisterhood
For this step the girls all worked together on a mural. We have over twenty girls so it was a very full and colorful mural! This also went toward our Painter Legacy badge. 

Step 4 - Leave a Place Better Than You Found It.
All the girls pitched in and cleaned up our meeting spot. They always do a good job with this. We had a lot of trash during this meeting so it was a bit more work.

Step 5 - Enjoy Girl Scout Traditions
We finally got around to doing a Friendship Circle!!! I've wanted to do one since the start of the year but we've always ran out of time. 

No photos for this meeting. I am the worst at remembering! 

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