Friday, November 4, 2016

[SQT] Halloweekend

1. I took all three kids Trick or Treating by myself! I felt a bit like Super Mom. The kids all did wonderfully so that helped. Story and Finley held hands and walked while I pushed Oliver in the stroller.

2. I'm pretty sure this is the last year I'll be able to get all of them in matching costumes. Story really wants to pick her own, and they always involve some character. Finley is all about princesses but she really wanted to go as Spider-Girl. She had a wig but took it off after the first stop. Story was Maleficent, Finley was Sleeping Beauty, and Oliver was Prince Phillip. I'm pretty proud of his costume. I made it :) Story's turned out really well too (didn't make it) but Finley's was pretty lame. I originally ordered her a toddler 3t costume but it was so, so, so, big! I didn't have time to return that and order a baby (!!!) costume. We settled on a tutu Sleeping Beauty version from Party City. 

3. Monday was my birthday! We had a family get together on Sunday. We went out for sushi and hibachi and then back to Grandma's for homemade gluten free key lime pie! Yum Yum! I forgot how much I like key lime pie. I received some awesome gifts and can't wait for everything to arrive this week!

4. I got a gift card to Mindy Mae's Market! Woo-hoo! I really want this dress but it's out of stock right now. I saved a bit of my gift card in hope it becomes available again soon. I did order this double hooded sweatshirt in navy and this floral shirt in navy. I guess I'm on a navy kick! If you follow along with my Thursday Threads you'll notice I wear a lot of neutrals and navy is a big part of it. I also got a Kohl's gift card. I don't shop there very often. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's a separate store and I'd have to make a separate trip? Anyway, they have cute clothes and great deals! I've wanted these shoes for ever now and finally ordered a pair! I also ordered a pair of jeggings that were on major mark down and a handful of other things. Here's hoping everything fits! I order most of my stuff online and I swear I have to return 90% of it. I'm still trying to figure out my post-partum body.

5. Speaking of post-partum, I went bra shopping yesterday. TMI? Just skip this part. I only remember being fitted once before, and that was in high school. But after two babies in two years and breastfeeding both, nothing I had fit. I went in wearing a 34A and walked out in a 32DD! I went to Dillard's and was pleasantly surprised at the whole experience. The sales associate was friendly and helpful, even with both babies (toddlers?) crying and fussing. She took the time to explain why things fit the way they did, how my shape affected the type of bra, and brought out several options. I landed on the Natori Hidden Glamour. As soon as I put it on, I knew it was the one. k, no more bra talks LOL.

6. I found this article through Facebook and found it to be fitting. I've really been feeling the weight of motherhood lately. We're going through a trying season of life and I'm getting tired. We're hopefully nearing the end.

7. There's a lot going on here at The Pike Five! I've gotten the hang of this whole blogging experience, again. In addition to SQT, I've also started Thursday Threads and posts about our Girl Scout meetings! 

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