Friday, November 18, 2016

[SQT] Minimalism

1. I recently joined a Facebook group that's centered around minimalism and motherhood. I've always been one to want "stuff", decorative pieces, photos, shelves, throw pillows, anything to fill it up. Both of my parents have hoarding tendencies so I think it was jut ingrained in me. We've moved so many times in the past six years, and we've moved all of this stuff with us. Majority of it was yard sale or Goodwill finds. Once we had two babies seventeen months apart, I put all of it away. I didn't want to constantly fight with them over touching some random ceramic thing. I told myself, "I will get all my pretty things out in a few years when they're older." But you know what? It's so refreshing to not have so much "stuff" out. I don't have to worry about it, or clean it, or store it. 

2. Finley and Oliver have been sick all week. No one has been sleeping well and it's been a total drain. I came down with something yesterday and I'm pretty miserable today. Of course, I have a million things to do so I'm just going to have to suffer through.

3. Thanksgiving is next week. NEXT WEEK!!! This year has flown by. It still feels like it should be summer. The warmer weather isn't helping either, Isn't it normally snowing by now? Yesterday it was in the 70's. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving but this is the first year in a while that I'm not pregnant or nursing, so I'm going to have to chill out on the extra helpings.

4. Since Thanksgiving is next week, that means Christmas is what? Five weeks away? Have you started shopping?! I've gotten a jump start on the children's Christmas. I think we're going to try a different approach this year. Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. Then Santa gets a few things plus stockings, Our kids really don't need anything, I don't see the point in wasting money on a ton of toys they're not going to play with, We have an entire playroom and they play with the same things over and over.

5. Jordan turns THIRTY this year!!! I'm throwing him a party today. I had grand plans for it, but this week has gotten away from me. At this point, I just hope to feed everyone and then go lay down. Nah, lol, it's going to be fun. I've never thrown a grown up only party before. At first I was like, "I need a theme, and a fun cake, oh and streamers and balloons!" Then I realized Jordan would kill me if I did all that. 

6. I got nothing else. I'm too tired and sick.

7. And I've got so much to do today..... :(

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  1. Sorry your sick! See you in 5 days. P.s. my Christmas shopping is done. ��


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