Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Girl Scout Meeting #11

Meeting eleven was actually a field trip! We took a walk to a local polling place on election day! We luckily live in a small town so we were able to walk from the school to the municipal building in about twenty minutes. This was a multi level trip that finished up "I Promised A Girl Scout I Would Vote" and also Celebrate Community Legacy badge for brownies.


Celebrate Community Legacy badge

Step 1 - Explore Community Symbols
On our way to the polling center the girls were tasked with calling out when they'd spot an American flag. They yelled out "flag, flag!". Our numbers were a little off but I think we spotted around seven flags on the way. 

Step 2 - Sing Together
While walking the girls sang whatever patriotic songs they could think of. They knew a little bit of "America The Beautiful", and "You're A Grand Old Flag". They also went on to sing a few Christmas carols, ha ha.

Step 3 - Follow The Parade
Most of the girls completed this step last month. We were in a community parade. For those that missed it, I will teach them to march at our next meeting!

Step 4 - Be A Landmark Detective
The original school in our town was destroyed by a tornado in 1986. There is a landmark that happened to be on our way to the municipal building! We stopped and the girls took turns reading about the tornado. The moms also told stories about where they were when the school was destroyed.

Step 5 - Join A Ceremony Or Celebration
Once we arrived at the polling location the girls cheered on voters! They had signs and handed out candy. We also gave thank you cards to the poll workers. Of course, it started to rain so we were all soaked! We were not allowed to get within 50 feet of the entrance so we were just standing in the rain for about fifteen minutes. 

The field trip was a lot of fun. I'm glad the girls got to see democracy in action. 

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